Nature Intelligence for Resilient Land Operations

Comply with environmental regulations, mitigate operational climate risk and benefit from sustainability excellence.

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Climate Strategy is Business Strategy

Meeting the Climate Challenge.

Agriculture, forestry and mining companies are disproportionately affected by the challenges of the changing climate.

Climate-aware strategies are now vital for ensuring the uninterrupted operation and resilience of businesses. We help companies to comply with regulatory requirements, mitigate climate risk and take a step towards a low-carbon, sustainable future.

$10.1 trillion
Estimated annual business value generated by nature-positive transitions in 2030
Source: World Economic Forum, 2024
Surge in global sustainability regulations in the last decade
Source: ESG Book, 2023
Discover the Power of Nature Intelligence
Streamlining Compliance
Our data infrastructure supports primary and secondary data collection pipelines and facilitates due diligence processes to comply with emerging sustainability regulations across the value chain.
Building Climate Resilient Operations
Our nature intelligence platform helps mitigate field operational challenges, and fuels early warning systems, bringing visibility to climate risk.
Gaining Ecosystem Market Edge
Our end-to-end approach helps build positions in the carbon and energy markets, unlocking new revenue streams and creating a win-win situation for the Economy and the Environment.
Our Core Technology

Gold Standard Science, Easy to Use Digital Workflows

Scalable data collection, spanning from space-borne satellite observations to ground-based measurements
Climate science-based methodologies
Data-driven and physically-sound models
Actionable environmental business insights
Our Mission

Accelerate the Transition to a Sustainable Economy

We believe the path to a sustainable economy is paved with global stakeholder cooperation, innovative technology, and grit. Marvin is committed to being a part of the solution to the most pressing challenge of our generation - climate change.

Multidisciplinary Team, Data & Science DNA

We are a unique group of professionals with an expertise in climate science, remote sensing and sustainability regulations, dedicated to building the best-in-class data infrastructure that empowers land-sector companies to effectively address the climate crisis.

Industry-leading Advisory Board

Combining decades of experience in the fields of agriculture, climate and space technology.

Prof. Oded Shoseyov
Scientific Advisory Chair, Hebrew University
Prof. Dan Blumberg
Chair of the Israel Space Agency, Ben Gurion University
Guillaume Leenhardt
CEO, Gentle Finance
Stanley Hirsch, PhD
Group CEO, FuturaGene
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