Restoring our land's balance

With Intelligent Climate Action

Accelerate the land sector's transition to a sustainable future, enhancing climate resilience and decarbonization at scale

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The Opportunity
1.5 °C pathway 2

“The land sector matters; in fact, it accounts for 10% of global GDP”

Despite fulfilling some of humanity's most fundamental needs such as Food Security, Valuable Resource Extraction and Economic Development, Land Use and Land Use Change are responsible for over 23% of greenhouse gas emissions, 70% of freshwater use, and over 80% of tropical deforestation and habitat loss 1

There are no pathways to 1.5 °C without sustainable and regenerative land use. The forestry, land use and agriculture (FLAG) sector has the potential to deliver up to 30% of needed mitigation actions from now through to 2050 and is one of the few sectors that can remove carbon from the atmosphere.

1.5 °C pathway 2

Climate-aware strategies are now vital for ensuring the uninterrupted operation and resilience of businesses. Decarbonizing land use is critical for companies with exposure to FLAG emissions to achieve net-zero, nature-positive targets. For others, investing in credible land-based natural climate solutions can reduce emissions and ensure compliance with emerging regulatory risks. 

1. “Leading a Sustainable Land Use Transition”. The World Economic Forum, 2022.
2. “Contribution of the land sector to a 1.5 C world". Roe et al. Nature Climate Change, 2019.

Our Approach

“Provide accurate, up-to-date and actionable data for promoting responsible and prosperous land use”

Marvin’s Horizon platform allows companies and financial institutions to comply with regulatory requirements, mitigate climate risk and take a step towards a low-carbon, sustainable future.

We have developed a science-based, rigorous approach to support the transition to adaptive, optimized and accountable use of natural resources, and to facilitate the protection and restoration of our native ecosystems. Our core technology leverages scalable and comprehensive data collection, spanning from space-borne satellite observations to ground-based measurements, forming a primary and reliable source of truth.

The Impact

“With optimal, evidence-based planning, we align business climate-resiliency and the regeneration of our planet”

The lack of objective evidence to support operational and environmental land-based business decisions creates regulatory pressure, under which companies and investors are subject to adoption of inefficient practices, human bias and reputational and financial risks. We provide organizations with the data and tools necessary for taking data-driven, transparent climate actions.

This fundamental shift leads to measured gains on all fronts. Deeper assessment of how business activities are being affected by the changing climate promotes cost-effective actions enhancing operational climate-resiliency. Eventually, regeneration and restoration efforts are directly linked to various financial mechanisms, such as tax benefits, sustainability-linked bonds and carbon credits, creating a win-win situation for the Economy and our Environment.

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