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Adapt your operation to the changing climate and ensure compliance across the global value chain.

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The Opportunity
1.5 °C pathway 2

“The land sector matters; in fact, it accounts for 10% of global GDP”

Despite fulfilling some of humanity's most fundamental needs such as Food Security, Valuable Resource Extraction and Economic Development, Land Use and Land Use Change are responsible for over 23% of greenhouse gas emissions, 70% of freshwater use, and over 80% of tropical deforestation and habitat loss 1

There are no pathways to 1.5 °C without sustainable and regenerative land use. The forestry, land use and agriculture (FLAG) sector has the potential to deliver up to 30% of needed mitigation actions from now through to 2050 and is one of the few sectors that can remove carbon from the atmosphere.

1.5 °C pathway 2

Climate-aware strategies are now vital for ensuring the uninterrupted operation and resilience of businesses. Decarbonizing land use is critical for companies with exposure to FLAG emissions to achieve net-zero, nature-positive targets. For others, investing in credible land-based natural climate solutions can reduce emissions and ensure compliance with emerging regulatory risks. 

1. “Leading a Sustainable Land Use Transition”. The World Economic Forum, 2022.
2. “Contribution of the land sector to a 1.5 C world". Roe et al. Nature Climate Change, 2019.

Your Ultimate Land Audit Companion
Stay ahead of the curve with the highest standards for land-based accounting
Peer-reviewed Data Sources
We always rely on most recent and credible data for our estimations. We invest our efforts in algorithmic improvements only where there are clear and widely-recognized errors in publicly available information.
We prioritize regional valid references to assist our estimations. Global, worldwide data sources are used in data-scarce territories.
Ensure audit-proof supply chain across global frameworks
Data-efficient Technology for Data-intensive Processes
Optimize your data collection processes to deal with fragmented information across complex value chains.
Continuous Eligibility Verification
Automatic configurable repetitive checks to avoid any changing legal, methodological or operational issues.
Advanced Water Risk and Resource Management for a Changing Climate
Navigating Global Water Scarcity
Multi Basin-level Granularity
Track water use at the stand, watershed and landscape level
Full Timescale Visibility
Measure the past, monitor the present and project the future simulating climatic scenarios
Water resource management for complex operations.
Vegetation Water Use
Science-based, continuous and fine-scale actual evapotranspiration measurement.
Consolidated Field and Industrial Water Management
All-in-one, tailor-made for land-based activities.
Carbon and Energy Credit Verification for Land Operations
Rigorous tech for a large-scale impact.
Multi-level Space-borne Sensing
Multi-spectral imagery with medium-high resolution. Fused with synthetic aperture radars (SAR) to penetrate cloud coverage, and LiDAR to model vegetation structure.
Explainable Decisions
We do not develop secretive blackbox models. Physically-sound approaches are vital for informed and transparent climate actions.
Turn existing assets into new business.
Data-efficient Technology for Data-intensive Processes
Optimized data collection pipelines to deal with fragmented information across complex value chains.
Integrated verification for carbon and energy offsets
Available for various global and regional standards.
Working Together to Deliver Greater Insight

Seamless Integration,
Sustainable Innovation.

Our platform externs APIs for your existing ecosystem, enhancing your sustainability infrastructure with complementary insights that grow with you.

Reach out to our team for a consultation on how Marvin could inject primary data into your existing workflows today.

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