Certifying Sustainable Feedstock


Your All-in-One Certification and Traceability Platform

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Fueling the Green Energy Revolution

Traceability, Compliance, and Productivity at Scale

As our economy navigates its path to shift away from fossil fuels, the role of sustainable biofuel production is on the rise. Producers seek a strict low carbon diet to get around complex regulatory and commodities demands while unlocking new revenue streams.

As a response to these challenges and opportunities, Marvin has developed the Horizon platform - an all-in-one nature intelligence solution, tailor-made to the specific needs of the sector.

Available funds for biofuels by the United States Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)
Source: International Energy Agency, 2023
0.9B gallons / year
Estimated demand for SAFs in North America by 2025
Source: THINK economic and financial analysis, 2023
Position Your Organization for Success in the Sustainable Economy
Supplier Due Diligence
Avoid any changing legal, methodological or operational issues. We will let you know if there is an exposure to risk.
Data-efficient Technology for Data-intensive Processes
Optimize your data collection processes to deal with fragmented information across complex value chains.
Turn Sustainability into Revenue
Discover the true costs and opportunities of sustainability operations, attribute success to efforts, and double down on what works.
Differentiated Pricing Increase
Profit Margin Protection
Yield Increase
Natural Assets to Income
Discover, analyze, and manage certification projects. Utilize existing areas to develop revenue streams from carbon credits and tradable certifications.
Data-Driven Portfolio Management
Continuously allocate certification levels to market premiums, considering differentiated pricing and carbon taxation planning.
Differentiated Pricing Increase
Profit Margin Protection
Yield Increase
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